Access to Art and Design Course 2007/2008

Collaborative project

Experimental Drawing with Lecturer Veselinka Mclarnon

Creative hands
Experimental Drawing - Creative Photographer Paulette
Steven, Patrice & David - Drawing masters
Creative hands Experimental drawing
Danielle - Creative thinker
Drawing masters

Access to Art and Design STUDENTS

Experimental Drawing 3.12.2007

Description of the project

A. Drawing
Two students will be using black/red markers to create quick, inventive and imaginative drawings on a white board.
Time 5 min each pair
B. Photography
Two students will be taking photographs and documenting the event
C. Critical Thinking
Rest of the students will be taking notes describing the drawings and the whole creative drawing process

Drawing masters

Use your creativity. Be spontaneous.
Collaborate, have a dialog; visually communicate emotional, metaphorical, and personal concepts.
Remember in this exercise a subject matter in your drawings is not important

Use Digital or SLR camera
Create images for documentation and creative images for further developments of this project.
Be inventive, think of birds eye perspective, eye level, taking photographs from above, below, cropping it, framing ...etc. Flash on or off? Reflections on the board... Think about Health and Safety.
Critical thinkers
Use visual literacy skills when describing work. Think about:
Line, (horizontal, diagonal, straight or ruled, curved, bent, angular, thin, thick or wide, blurred or fuzzy, controlled, freehand, parallel, hatching, cross- hatching) value, space, negative positive spaces, shape, depth, harmony, unity, overlapping, variety, texture, quick, slow, repetition, rhythm, composition, form/ natural form, analytical, subjective/objective, mood, balance/ imbalance, asymmetrical, concept, abstract, sketching, weight, soft and hard, opposition –(smooth and rough, parallel and branching, spiral and concentric, audience, symbol, words, gestalt, perspective, communication, dialog, expressive, emotional, metaphorical, minimal, primary and secondary source, site specific installation, performance, narrative, collaborative…weak, powerful.etc..
What insights are you gaining from your own/others’ work? Record, develop and evaluate drawings. Articulate these clearly using visual language.

Veselinka Mclarnon December 2007