What's On

Stuck Up
Start Date: Monday 15 February 2010
End Date: Saturday 27 February 2010

Location: City of Westminster
An exhibition by artist Colin Barnes

Working with forgotten images, Colin brings forth a secret visual language loaded with hidden meaning, leaving viewers to draw their own conclusions.
Crime Writing Workshop
Start Date: Saturday 20 February 2010

Location: City of Westminster
Take part in this exciting workshop that will encourage writers - both beginners and those with more experience - to push the boundaries of the crime writing genre and stand out from the crowd.
Artefacts Professional Development Programme
Start Date: Thursday 29 April 2010

Location: Lewisham
Interested in using the arts to make a difference? Get involved in the Artefacts Professional Development Programme: an exciting, insightful and dynamic programme aiming to inspire, challenge and motivate people to create and deliver arts projects for older people, young offenders, young people. refugee groups and people with disabilities.
North London Performance Academy Showcase
Start Date: Saturday 6 March 2010

Location: North London
The Academy's objective is to give students of all ages and abilities a framework and structured schedule for performing material they have worked on. The point of learning any instrument is to share your music with audiences, and guaranteed, you will think about pieces differently when you intend to perform them.

St Patrick's Day
Start Date: Wednesday 17 March 2010

Location: Brent
St Patrick's Day is celebrated on March 17 to honour St Patrick, Ireland's patron saint. It is traditionally a day for spiritual renewal and offering prayers for missionaries worldwide. It has become a celebration of Irish culture with festivities across the globe. A family event with live music, story telling, craft activities and traditional Irish food. Join in the colourful parade to honour St Patrick, Ireland's patron saint
GLYPT's Summer Arts College
Start Date: Monday 15 February 2010
End Date: Friday 19 February 2010

Location: Greenwich
Choose from three workshops this half term (15th -19th February) at The Tramshed Theatre in Woolwich:
1. Our Musical Theatre course (Monday to Friday 11am to 4pm / £5) or
2. Our Filmmaking course (Monday to Friday 11am to 4pm / £5) or
3. Our Backstage course (Wed to Friday 11am to 4pm/ £3)

To book your place phone Catherine on 020 8854 1316 or e-mail catherine@glypt.co.uk

Stairway to Heaven
Start Date: Tuesday 15 June 2010
End Date: Saturday 10 July 2010

Location: Southwark
Cheops' Pyramid. Egypt. 2,700 B.C.

The biggest, most terrifying and dangerous construction site the world has ever known.

A hundred thousand men will haul two and a half million limestone blocks weighing a total of six million tons up a building the size of a skyscraper using nothing but human muscle.
74a Station Road
Start Date: Tuesday 9 March 2010

Location: Southwark
Frank, Pete, Amy and Aidan share a flat. Aidan rules the house with bullying and macho bravura. What starts out as a practical joke on Frank escalates into something a lot worse, taking a violent turn. Frank begins to lose his grip on reality. Aidan feels his power slipping. Things get messy.
Start Date: Tuesday 9 February 2010
End Date: Saturday 13 March 2010

Location: All London
Celebrating Women Filmmakers
Birds Eye View Film Festival
4-12 March 2010
BFI Southbank, ICA and Barbican

Birds Eye View is back for its 6th annual Film Festival of celebrating, championing and showcasing women filmmakers.

Nine jam packed days, 8 inspired features, 7 penetrating documentaries, 21 visionary shorts, 22 retro movies starring iconic blondes, cutting-edge fashion and music films plus BEV's already-famous commissions of new scores by hot female talent to classic silent films.
Tesla Talks: Anna Dumitriu & Dave Lawrence
Start Date: Friday 19 February 2010
End Date: Friday 19 February 2010

Location: Central London
Dave Lawrence and Anna Dumitriu discuss their project 'KryoLab' made in collaboration with Antti Tenetz. The project brings together bioart, ice sculpture and sound, in an investigation of delicate relationships in the Arctic ecosystem. It traces their individual and collective journeys, in terms of investigative art/science research as well as in terms of being part of the experimental European/world wide collaborative e-MobiLArt project
Crash Course in Film Making
Start Date: Thursday 11 March 2010

Location: Central London
Samuel will run through the basics of film making with an opportunity to make a short film. You will learn how a script is developed and how a scene is set by an award-winning film-maker. Samuel will talk about where he gets his ideas from and give you all the inspiration you need to start making your own films.
A Suitable Job for a Woman
Start Date: Saturday 6 March 2010
End Date: Saturday 6 March 2010

Location: Redbridge
The Meljon Singers are joined by the piano and soprano duo Consonum for an evening celebrating vocal music by women composers.
Explore Experimental Drawing
Start Date: Tuesday 23 February 2010
End Date: Tuesday 23 February 2010

Location: Newham
Improve your drawing skills - or learn a new skill in this 6 week course you will be encouraged to try out new art materials and to experiment with different ways of drawing.
Oil & Acrylic Sunday Workshop
Start Date: Sunday 21 February 2010
End Date: Sunday 21 March 2010

Location: Enfield
5 week, all inclusive* induction course. Surrounded by inspiring artworks you will be free to create and express your Artistic flair.
  • (materials and refreshments, please do bring your own lunch)
Vagabonds' Voyage
Start Date: Thursday 4 June 2009
End Date: Saturday 20 June 2009

Location: Camden
Vagabonds' Voyage - unlocking the hidden treasures of the Regent's Canal

Join little wonder on a thrilling journey
through one of London's most historical
and picturesque backwaters, the Regent's Canal. Discover the lock-keeper's love letters, hidden stories of the towpath and what lies beneath this vibrant, rapidly evolving watery haven.
London Songwriters Week 2009
Start Date: Monday 18 May 2009
End Date: Friday 22 May 2009

Location: Central London
Celebrating the Art of Songwriting.

The second year of London Songwriters Week brings together the cream of UK songwriting talent through a series of showcases, workshops and performances.
Fine conversation and food at The Providores
Start Date: Monday 18 May 2009
End Date: Tuesday 19 May 2009

Location: Central London
"There are tasks to accomplish, aphorisms to discuss with the aperitif, questions to bat across the table with a stranger through dinner, postcards to ponder over dessert. It's tremendous fun."

Nina Caplan on The School of Life, Features Editor, Time Out
Made-up: A Photography Exhibition about Fashi
Start Date: Friday 3 July 2009
End Date: Thursday 9 July 2009

Location: Lambeth
Made-up: A Photography Exhibition about Fashion Photography and Personal Identity
Maria Bonomi
Start Date: Wednesday 6 May 2009
End Date: Wednesday 10 June 2009

Location: City of Westminster
Gallery 32 proudly presents an exhibition of Maria Bonomi, one of the most respected visual artists currently working in
Brazil. The exhibition will present a series of large-format engravings, woodcuts, lithographs and sculptures.
The story of the Wallace Collection
Start Date: Wednesday 20 May 2009
End Date: Monday 1 January 0001

Location: City of Westminster
Catherine Chastney, Learning Officer from the Wallace Collection, will give a talk on the history of the Wallace Collection, its founders and the history of the house
John Bock on www.tank.tv
Start Date: Friday 1 May 2009
End Date: Friday 15 May 2009

Location: All London
tank.tv is extremely pleased to present fourteen works by the German artist John Bock online.
Brockley Max 2009
Start Date: Friday 29 May 2009
End Date: Sunday 7 June 2009

Location: Lewisham
Drawing on the considerable locally and nationally recognised artistic talent that Brockley is renowned
for, this year's event looks to tap into the creative expression of resident artists. Be they painters,
musicians, performers or poets with something a little bit quirky, or just plain old traditional, all come
together under this year's theme of Creative Collaboration.

The Max will kick-off on Friday, 29th May with 'The Max Opening Night'.
Swagga - Summer Production at Second Wave
Start Date: Friday 7 August 2009
End Date: Saturday 15 August 2009

Location: Lewisham
Envy is everywhere and the streets are cold - the summer production at the Second Wave Studio - in the heart of Deptford
Free Harmony Singing Lessons for Men
Start Date: Monday 15 June 2009
End Date: Monday 20 July 2009

Location: Hammersmith & Fulham
Men In Harmony offers FREE Learn To Sing courses to men of all ages who enjoy singing 4-part harmony in a group.
The Summer 2009 course starts on Monday 15th June and continues for 6 Monday evenings, from 7:45pm to 10:15pm.
The course is organised by West London Barbershop Harmony Club (www.capitalchorus.co.uk). Venue: George IV Pub in Chiswick London W4. Participants must register in advance on-line at www.meninharmony.org.uk.
Journey of Turtle
Start Date: Saturday 13 June 2009
End Date: Saturday 13 June 2009

Location: Hillingdon
Turtles are old, millions of years old, as old as dinosaurs, as old as some hills.
Go to Turtle Hill and experience an imaginative journey through the evolution
and learning of this most fascinating and ancient creature.

In the beginning turtle was shiny and fast,
always impatient, always in a hurry,
but then one day he had a terrible accident.

A beautiful story about following your dream, told with shadows,
table-top puppets and tr.
The Shimmy
Start Date: Sunday 24 May 2009
End Date: Sunday 24 May 2009

Location: Wandsworth
The Shimmy is an exciting afternoon of surprise arts and performances in riverside locations from Putney Wharf through to Wandsworth Park on Sunday, 24 May 2009, 2pm-6pm
Penny Hambin : on the edge
Start Date: Thursday 7 May 2009
End Date: Saturday 23 May 2009

Location: Lewisham
In her first solo exhibition at ARCH, London based artist Penny Hamblin is showing a group of abstract paintings from an on-going series. These works draw on her obsession with the elements of sky and water in her work, which she states is partly fuelled by living near the River Thames. The Thames presents us with a powerful symbol of nature in our lives in a modern metropolis, running through the heart of our city.
Learn To Sing In Harmony Course for men
Start Date: Monday 15 June 2009
End Date: Monday 13 July 2009

Location: Hammersmith & Fulham
Men In Harmony offers FREE Learn To Sing courses to men of all ages who enjoy singing 4-part harmony in a group.
The Summer 2009 course starts on Monday 15th June and continues for 6 Monday evenings, from 7:45pm to 10:15pm.
The course is organised by West London Barbershop Harmony Club (www.capitalchorus.co.uk). Venue: George IV Pub in Chiswick London W4. Participants must register in advance on-line at www.meninharmony.org.uk.
Learn To Sing In Harmony Course for men
Start Date: Monday 6 July 2009
End Date: Monday 20 July 2009

Location: Hammersmith & Fulham
Men In Harmony offers FREE Learn To Sing courses to men of all ages who enjoy singing 4-part harmony in a group.
The Summer 2009 course starts on Monday 15th June and continues for 6 Monday evenings, from 7:45pm to 10:15pm.
The course is organised by West London Barbershop Harmony Club (www.capitalchorus.co.uk). Venue: George IV Pub in Chiswick London W4. Participants must register in advance on-line at www.meninharmony.org.uk.
Learn To Sing In Harmony Course for men
Start Date: Monday 29 June 2009
End Date: Monday 20 July 2009

Location: Hammersmith & Fulham
Men In Harmony offers FREE Learn To Sing courses to men of all ages who enjoy singing 4-part harmony in a group.
The Summer 2009 course starts on Monday 15th June and continues for 6 Monday evenings, from 7:45pm to 10:15pm.
The course is organised by West London Barbershop Harmony Club (www.capitalchorus.co.uk). Venue: George IV Pub in Chiswick London W4. Participants must register in advance on-line at www.meninharmony.org.uk.
"Learn To Sing In Harmony" Course for men
Start Date: Monday 22 June 2009
End Date: Monday 20 July 2009

Location: Hammersmith & Fulham
Men In Harmony offers FREE Learn To Sing courses to men of all ages who enjoy singing 4-part harmony in a group.
The Summer 2009 course starts on Monday 15th June and continues for 6 Monday evenings, from 7:45pm to 10:15pm.
The course is organised by West London Barbershop Harmony Club (www.capitalchorus.co.uk). Venue: George IV Pub in Chiswick London W4. Participants must register in advance on-line at www.meninharmony.org.uk.
A Child's Garden of Verse
Start Date: Saturday 4 April 2009
End Date: Sunday 17 May 2009

Location: City of Westminster
A kaleidoscope of poetry and puppetry using marionettes and shadow puppetry with specially composed music together with lighting effects to make a program of beauty, poignancy and fun for child and adult alike
School Run: Creative Photography workshop
Start Date: Friday 5 June 2009
End Date: Sunday 14 June 2009

Location: Greenwich
Kelly Hill and Jonathan Illingworth present projects in which they have each taken photographs on the only time of day they find available - the walk to drop off their children.
Painterly Photographs: Photography workshop
Start Date: Friday 24 April 2009
End Date: Sunday 17 May 2009

Location: Greenwich
Steven Spencer, Ben Ali Ong, Caroline Fraser and Benedicte Emsens. The exhibition rekindles historic debates as to the relationship between the painting and photography.
One At A Time
Start Date: Wednesday 20 May 2009
End Date: Sunday 31 May 2009

Location: Greenwich
'One At A Time' poignantly observes the dynamics and emotional hierarchy within single parent families.

Drop-In Portraits: photography workshop
Start Date: Friday 3 July 2009
End Date: Sunday 19 July 2009

Location: Greenwich
Venue: Viewfinder Photography Gallery, Linear House, Peyton Place, off Royal Hill, Greenwich, London SE10 8RS

Opening times: Mon - Fri 9am-5pm, Sat, Sun & bank holidays 12-4pm

Admission: free

Transport: Greenwich (DLR and Rail, 8 mins from London Bridge) ; Cutty Sark (DLR)

Contact details for publication:
020 8858 8351, ext. 2

The curator is available for interview.

Sculpture exhibition Professional Development
Start Date: Wednesday 27 May 2009
End Date: Wednesday 3 June 2009

Location: Kensington and Chelsea
Please come to the Hortensia gallery to see a wide range of sculpture produced by students attending our Professional Development Sculpture Course at Park Walk studios. This is the end of year show representing 13 emerging artists working in a wide variety of 3d media. All welcome.
Start Date: Wednesday 27 May 2009
End Date: Saturday 30 May 2009

Location: Hammersmith & Fulham
Gilbert & Sullivan's Iolanthe
Start Date: Wednesday 27 May 2009
End Date: Saturday 30 May 2009

Location: Hammersmith & Fulham
Iolanthe by Gilbert & Sullivan
The butterfly effect
Start Date: Friday 29 May 2009
End Date: Saturday 20 June 2009

Location: Lewisham
Solo exhibition of new drawings on canvas by Paul Marks
Holidays Manga & Comic Workshops for Kids
Start Date: Tuesday 26 May 2009
End Date: Thursday 6 August 2009

Location: Islington
Painting Explorers proposes a bran new series of workshops exploring Visual storytelling.
Work Wonders with Wood
Start Date: Tuesday 28 July 2009
End Date: Friday 31 July 2009

Location: Barnet
This 4 day workshop offers opportunity to design and create cool cityscapes or lavish landscapes using a wide range of wood - blocks, balsa, sticks and shavings. Learn the techniques of cutting, layering and staining to achieve a panoramic perspective piece
Pig Earth - An Evening of Alternative Folk
Start Date: Thursday 4 June 2009
End Date: Thursday 4 June 2009

Location: Hillingdon
Local band, Pig Earth, sound like no other. They deliver their brew of original, melodious, acoustic folk song with an infectious zeal that lifts the spirit. Whether it be the stomping rhythms that at times embrace skiffle or the rolling narrative tales punctuated with classical strings, you will be hooked.

This is 'alternative folk' borrowing from the age-old traditional partnership of melodeon and fiddle, but still very much of this time. Songs of love, travel, roots and home, with the odd steam train thrown in, are told through the harmonised vocals of the songwriters. Piano, guitar, fiddle, melodeon, bass and drums fuse to form a myriad of sound that is unique to the Pig Earth experience.
Monstrous Regiment (Terry Pratchett)
Start Date: Wednesday 17 June 2009
End Date: Saturday 20 June 2009

Location: Hillingdon
The Purple Theatre Company present:

Terry Pratchett's 'Monstrous Regiment'
Adapted for the stage by Stephen Briggs

Polly Perks has to become a boy in a hurry. Cutting her hair and wearing trousers is easy but now, in the army and searching for her brother, Polly and her fellow recruits must survive in the thick of war. With a vampire, an igor, a troll and the army's most artful seargeant, if they're going to stay alive they'll need all th
Blackheath Art Society Summer Exhibition
Start Date: Tuesday 2 June 2009
End Date: Saturday 20 June 2009

Location: Lewisham
Blackheath Art Society will be holding its annual summer exhibition in the upstairs gallery at the Blackheath Village Library, Blackheath Grove, SE3 ODD from Tuesday 2nd June until Saturday 20th June. About 40 members will be showing paintings, prints, photography and textiles. Jewellery and cards will also be on sale.
Home - By David Storey
Start Date: Wednesday 10 June 2009
End Date: Saturday 13 June 2009

Location: Hillingdon
A garden. Two chairs. A table. It is autumn. Four people meet up. Two men. Two women. Where are they? Who are they? And what are they doing there? An amusing and entertaining play, the protagonists slowly reveal their intriguing story.

Originally performed at the Royal Court Theatre starring John Gielgud and Ralph Richardson in 1970, Home won both the New York Drama Critics Circle and Evening Standard Awards for Best Play.
Habeas Corpus by Alan Bennett
Start Date: Wednesday 20 May 2009
End Date: Saturday 23 May 2009

Location: Hillingdon
Habeas Corpus
by Alan Bennett

First meet the Wicksteed family from Hove, a seemingly respectable doctor and his wife along with their hypochondriac son. Next add a young lady patient who the doctor takes a fancy to, but who in turn takes an interest in his son, and the doctor's sister who is more concerned about her flat chest than her courtship with the limp but good-natured vicar, Canon Throbbing. Finally stir this with the President of the British Medical Association and an assortment of characters which include a "bust" fitter salesman from Leatherhead and you are left with this wickedly funny play from the talented Alan Bennett.
Come aboard this satirical merry-go-round driven by the permissive society for "he whose lust lasts, lasts longest"...
Cold Comfort Farm
Start Date: Wednesday 13 May 2009
End Date: Saturday 16 May 2009

Location: Hillingdon
Cold Comfort Farm - adapted from the novel by Paul Doust.
Tickets are £11 with concessions at £9,
Opening night all tickets £9
No concessions on Friday or Saturday evening.
A Recipe for a tale of romance and mirth

1. Take one badly run and supposedly cursed farm

2. Pour in 1 Crazy old Lady, who is said to be mad through having seen "something narsty in the woodshed".

3. Add 1 son-besotted Daughter and her Hell-fire preacher Husband

4. Stir in 2 Sons one in love with women, the other with his farm

5. Add a Strange Nephew and his Mad Cousin

6. Mix together with County types and Country bumpkins and finally

7. Introduce Flora. A high minded penniless orphan bent upon changing the lives of all she encounters.

Result: An Hilarious story of Farming Folk

So come along and see what happens when Flora discovers a new branch of her family tree - The One with all the nuts.
Hip Hop Dance Classes
Start Date: Thursday 23 April 2009
End Date: Thursday 9 July 2009

Location: Camden
Just leave your attitude outside and be open to enhance your "Hip Hop-being" as well as your health, dance abilities, love of good music and sense of humour (last one essential).
Ballroom & Latin Dance Classes
Start Date: Tuesday 21 April 2009
End Date: Tuesday 7 July 2009

Location: Camden
Learn to dance like the celebrities from Foxtrot to Cha Cha Cha. A fun social evening, which will get you fitter on the way. There is no need to bring a partner as we alternate in the lesson.
Salsa Line dance
Start Date: Saturday 20 June 2009
End Date: Saturday 11 July 2009

Location: Lewisham
Salsa Line dance project 2009...
using Salsa in Line and Merengue
dates -sat 20th/27th June
& 4th/11th July
Venue: Marsha Phoenix Memorial Trust
90/92 Tressillian Rd, Brockley, se4 1ya
Meet the author Kate Atkinson
Start Date: Thursday 11 June 2009
End Date: Thursday 11 June 2009

Location: Kensington and Chelsea
Author event with Kate Atkinson


2012 London Cultural Skills Fund Workshop
The 2012 London Cultural Skills Fund is offering grants ranging from £25,000 - £50,000 for projects that offer skills, training and employment support in the cultural sector. London Business Network are holding a workshop on Thursday 11 June, 6pm - 8:30pm at Jasmine Studios, Hammersmith aimed at organisations who are interested in making applications to the fund.
'Pride in the House' 2009
Exhibition opportunity for professional lesbian and gay artists at Highgate's historic Lauderdale House.
Call for Proposals - Conference in Austria
At the moment the Conference is accepting presentation proposals

International Conference
"Performing Arts Training Today"

October 28-31, 2009

Leitring bei Leibnitz

The conference is open to performers from all over the world interested in the research of topical questions and processes in contemporary performing arts education and
training. This is a wonderful opportunity for performers, performing arts educators and
Free Community Workshop with Theatre Company
Free Community Workshop

We want to know your opinions on the Regent's Canal

Come, write stories, draw pictures, take photos, have fun and eat cake!

There is also a competition with a chance to win 2 great prizes!
Artists Call for Entries
The Cork Street Charity Open Art Exhibition is an open exhibition of contemporary fine art held annually to support a different charity each year and to give new and established artists an opportunity to exhibit in West London. There is an early entry Fee Discount for entries received before May 31, 2009! All the information about this years competition and open exhibition can be found by visiting the website ww.corkstreetopenexhibition. com
Call for Artists - E17 Art Trail
The E17 Art Trail is looking for participants to exhibit work in it's 5th annual art trail. Now with over 300 artists taking part each year in over 80 venues.
Touch/Audio Description Training
Touch/Audio Description Training

For anyone working with disabled people in the arts, media and heritage sectors

A practical fun activity based day in a relaxed atmosphere

Lynn Cox is an established freelance Disability/Visual Equality Trainer and an artist.

"I have really enjoyed the training today and have gained a great deal of things to think about and to apply to the organisation. It all made a lot of sense and was very thought provoking." (A Participant, 2006)
Serious music promoter seeks Communications Assistant and Receptionist/Development Assistant
Serious is one of the UK's leading producers of live jazz, international and new music events.

We are looking for two Assistants to join our small team (20 staff) in our Clerkenwell office.
Community Channel - Music Video Competition
Are you an aspiring director or in a band?

Ever watched a music video and think you can do better?
Free Tasters - Front of House and Box Office
Interested in supporting young people? Like to gain new skills? Available from 18th July - 15th August?
Assistant Stage Manager - Second Wave
Are you interested in working with young people aged 15+? Do you have knowledge & experience of stage management? Are you realistic and well organised? Flexible, patient and realistic? Interested in gaining experience as an ASM on our studio show over the summer?
Find out more details below or call/email us!
Free Workshop Tasters - Mix it Up!
Summer Programme at Second Wave for young people 13-16 years old.
Free Taster Opportunity - Actors
Love Acting? Want to be in a new play? Ineterested in developing skills? Come along to our Open and Free Taster Auditions for Actors for our summer show Swagga...
Free Taster workshop - Dance Ensemble
Like to Dance? Want to learn new moves and skills? Interested in performing? Come along to our free and open taster workshops for our summer show Swagga Dance Ensemble!
Free Taster Workshop - Swgga Lyrical Group
Do you write lyrics? Like to spit and create beats? Interested in performing? Come along to our Free Open Taster Workshops for Swagga Lyrical Group


Dance / Theatre Rehearsal Space, SE1
New dance / theatre rehearsal space available to hire, SE1. Two minutes from Southwark Tube.
Unlocking Creativity: Drawing Workshop
Unlocking Creativity: Drawing Workshop with Lee Campbell
Saturday 16thMay 2009, 2.00pm-5.00pm
Join artist and teacher Lee Campbell as she leads an afternoon workshop on drawing.
In conjunction with 'Louise Nevelson: Dawns and Dusks' exhibition.
PureGold Festival at Goldsmiths
Sound is Golden at Goldsmiths' Music Festival

Compiled and edited by Lindsey Price


An exciting opportunity for anybody who would like to perform in the Burst Festival at Battersea Arts Centre – no previous dance/movement experience required.

Geraldine Pilgrim Artistic Director of Corridor Performance Company is looking for male performers aged 16-100 to take part in a BAC Grand Hall Scratch Night on Thursday May 28th and Friday May 29th (Rehearsal Sunday May 24th).

For more information please email: SallyR@bac.org.uk


Watermill is a "laboratory for performance" which supports the development of experimental and cross-disciplinary artistic practices. Watermill believes that the performing arts and arts of the stage should draw inspiration from all the arts and social sciences. Watermill also welcomes research proposals from established scholars. Watermill is actively engaged in raising its international profile and extending its network of associates and encourages proposals from artists based outside the US.

Watermill invites emerging artists to submit ambitious proposals for the creation of collaborative works which critically investigate, challenge, and extend the existing norms of performance practice.
Complete guideline are available on our website http:// byrdhoffmanwatermillfoundation .cmail3.com/t/y/l/htdlti/ tihdjjqj/r

Contact: Sherry Dobbinwww.watermillcenter.org
Watermill Program Director residencies@watermillcenter. org
Deadline: May 31, 2009


All South West & South East based performers, musicians, filmmakers, dancers, experimental theatre & live art practitioners – we want to hear from you!

KUBE gallery based in Poole, Dorset is putting together a new and exciting events programme. We are inviting local and regional artists to let us know about you and your work to see how we can bring your work to the gallery space and audience!

Please send examples of your work by post or via e-mail.
DEADLINE: 8th June 2009

Please include:

1. Up to 5 min of the footage/music/film on CD or DVD
2. Up to 10 jpgs (72dpi) documenting your work
3. Your artist’s statement (max 1 page A4)
4. CV (max 2 pages of A4)

Via post:
FAO: Ania Bas
The College, North Road, Poole, Dorset BH14 0LS

Via e-mail:


Rotoreliefs is a free networking platform oriented to support and promote the independent art scene through a series of events, exhibitions and happenings. www.rotoreliefs.com

Our next event is at Vibe Bar in Brick Lane, London from October 11th to 16th and we are looking for submissions of installations, sculptures, photography, performances, happenings, video art,paintings, etc.

The gallery pieces will be exhibited for one week with the opening being on the 11th. Performances will be only on the 11th.

Artists fees will be paid as a percentage of the money made on the door so it is important that all artists can come to the opening.

Send submissions by 11th September to:

Submissions must include installation requirements and explanation of the piece. Videos (DVD PAL) must be sent by post to
Virginia Pablos
24 a Clarence Mews
London, E5 8HL


Rules and Regs 2009
Call for Applications

Calls for applications are now open for three Rules and Regs development programmes:

- The Bluecoat (Liverpool, 28/8 - 25/9): Application deadline 5/6
- Battersea Arts Centre (London, 1/9 - 26/9): Application deadline 29/5
- South Hill Park Arts Centre (Bracknell, 21/9 - 17/10): Application deadline 29/5

In each programme, artists will create new work in response to rules devised by a curator to as a challenge to explore news ways of working.

For application instructions and full information on each programme please visit

And coming soon... 14 June - Rules and Regs at Radar (Loughborough University): Presentation of new work from Lucienne Cole and Ant Hampton.


The Bhavan is accepting applications for exhibitions at the MP Birla Millennium Art Gallery.(www.bhavan.net). The huge 140 m2 gallery is located at a minute’s walk from West Kensington underground station, London. The Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan is a premiere cultural institute and attracts large audiences to its various programmes. It benefits from a large auditorium, practise rooms, library and archive within its premises. It also welcomes applications for group exhibitions,curated shows, travelling exhibitions and collaborations with other cultural institutes. Write to curator@bhavan.net for more information. Applications to include CV, web link to works/sample jpegs. and concept note. Tel: 0207 381 3086/4608. curator@bhavan.net


A season of covert actions and overt operations.

The current political climate is seeing established infrastructures crumble. Austerity is in the air, with ever growing restrictions being placed on thought and movement .

Plan 9 are calling for proposals for events, happenings, protests, interactions, talks, film nights, around the loose theme dissent, to take place in July and August 2009.
Proposals can be based at Plan 9 or off site. There is a very small production budget available.

Email your proposal (one side A4 max), CV and three images to info@plan9.org.uk

Deadline - Tuesday 2 June 2009.

Successful applicants will be notified by Tuesday 9 June 2009.



Festival of International Student Theatre - FIST05, has extended the deadline for applying to 1 June 2009!

FIST is the second student festival of theatrical experience in the world! It was initiated by students, and now organized solemnly by students of the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, Serbia.

For more information, go to fistbelgrade.com, or if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask at programme@fistbelgrade.com!


RVT: HOT AUGUST FRINGE - the edgiest, most cutting-edge, fringiest Fringe Festival of them all and we want performers to take a part in it!

From 27 July - 28 Aug the RVT will be hosting the anarchic / fantastic fringe festival all of London has been clamouring for! Up to four shows a night -- 100 shows in all! Featuring the best of London's alternative performance scene -- cabaret, theatre, music, sketch, stand-up, drag and burlesque.

We're looking for talented, extraordinary, brilliant, enthusiastic performers who want to take part in this memorable festival at the world famous Royal Vauxhall Tavern -- one of the best pub-theatres in all of London.

Check out: www.hotaugustfringe.co.uk for applications or call RVT office 020 7820 1222 if you have questions.


Care to hop onto the Story Telling Bed to tell a tale,
spin a yarn or share a magic memory?
Calling artists, wordsmiths and makers of stories of all ages. Come and unfold a family friendly fable... poem or song at THE HOUSEOFFAIRY TALES event outside Tate Modern over the May Bank
Holiday 22nd - 25th May. Mid-day till 6.00pm

Up to half an hour is yours to play with on any or all of the 4 days. Stroll on down, there are loads of other fabulous happenings all around the grassy square. See you there.

Please respond asap for scheduling your platform/bed spot to storytellingbed@live.com.


Males are sought for a performance/video piece at Chelsea College of Art. It is a live art performance exploring male aggression and masculine stereotypes. All ages and shapes welcome to apply. The work is physical and will involve stylised fight sequences, paint and high heels (performers will wear them) - no experience in either field necessary! The piece will be videotaped and some audience will be invited. One rehearsal is required, on June 1st, and the event will happen on the 2nd. Alternative venues and further developments of this piece are being planned, so interested participants may be able to carry on with the piece in other venues. An interest in alternative types of performance and experimentation is a must, and all performers must be available for the 1st and 2nd of June. Strong focus and a good sense of humour are pluses. Please contact Cradeaux Alexander at cx.alexander@gmail.com.


Artists working in any medium living in or born in Mile End, London, or with a strong connection to the area, are invited to create an artwork in memory of one of their ancestors. Artists could work from their memories, family folklore, or from research, in order to create an artwork that best captures the ancestor’s memory – perhaps a story, painting, audio recording or short film.
The exhibition at Mile End Arts Pavilion will include works from professional artists and members of local community groups. It takes place 26 July – 15 August 2009, launching as part of the London 2012 Open Weekend. Mile End Ancestors is the first of four annual arts heritage projects initiated by English Heritage Outreach, celebrating the Cultural Olympiad.
Documentation of completed artworks to be submitted for selection by 28 June 2009. For details on how to apply and terms and conditions, contact Matthew Krishanu, matthewkrishanu@gmail.com.


2010 Great North Run Moving Image Commission

£30,000 is available to create a new moving image work in response to the BUPA Great North Run, the world’s biggest half-marathon.

Open to artists with at least three years post-graduate experience.

Closing date for applications is Monday 8th June 2009.

Final work to be delivered by summer 2010, to be launched in the North East of England as part of the 2010 Great North Run Cultural Programme, with an extract screened during the BBC’s live coverage of the BUPA Great North Run.

For information and an application pack visit www.greatnorthrunculture.org or email beth.rowson@nova- international.com


An evening focussing on participatory practice with artists and curators Barby Asante, Anna Bean, Joe Moran and Leanne Turvey. Join the panel to discuss ‘good practice’, potential pitfalls, and advice on how to develop projects in this field.

Artsadmin, Toynbee Studios
Thursday 21 May 7.30-9.30pm
Book online at artsadmin.co.uk or call 020 7650 2350


Performance workshops for vocalists who are new to performing or suffer from nerves. Also beneficial for experienced performers as a refresher course to reboost focus and enthusiasm.

Workshops on 20th June and 12th July in London.Led by Katie Ellen- Jazz vocalist, Performed in West End Musicals and with Northern Ballet Theatre.
Recommended by Anita Wardell-jazz vocalist
For further information e-mail ktellen@hotmail.co.uk


Are you a visual artist seeking info on insurance, funding, legal and professional matters?

Do you want to develop your networks and collaborations?

Locate like-minded artists and get timely advice from other artists and experts at this event, that is free and open to practising visual and applied artists in London and SouthEast England.

Monday 18 May 11-1pm or 3-5pm
1 Rivington Place, EC2A 3BA

Designed to provide information and tips from artists, arts organisations and other experts on professional matters such as insurance, negotiation and funding your practice, alongside opportunities to meet and network with like-minded artists.

Contributors include LAAN: Live Art Advisory Network (Live Art Development Agency, Artsadmin and New Work Network).

Event organised by a-n on behalf of AIR: Artists’ Interaction and Representation, in partnership with Artquest and DACS.

Pre-booking is essential, places allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. Please specify session preference AIR@a-n.co.uk

http://www.a-n.co.uk/air/ article/498807



17th May 2-4pm (£12) @ Race and Rhythm Space,2 Dartmouth Park Hill, Nw5 1HL, Tufnell Park (two Stops north from Candem Town)

An introduction to the Spanish Flamenco Percussion (Cajon) technique and Flamenco rhythm's


17th MAY 16-17.30 (£8) Suitable for all levels @ Race and Rhythm Space,2 Dartmouth Park Hill, Nw5 1HL, Tufnell Park (two Stops north from Candem Town)

more info and bookings on info@raceandrhythm.com


Master Flamenco Dancer Awards winner Concha Jareno is coming to London to teach and perform at the Flamenco Festival in Sadlers Wells

15TH-17TH MAY 2009

INT-ADV: £80
SAT 16+SUN 17 MAY 14.15-15.45

INT: £55
SAT 16TH+SUN 17TH MAY 12.15-13.45

BEG-ELE : £55
SAT 16TH+SUN 17TH MAY 10.30-12PM

Race and Rhythm Space, 2 Dartmouth Park Hill, Nw5 1HL
Tufnel Park Station

for more information info@raceandrhythm.com www.raceandrhythm.com


Monday 20 - Friday 24 July
at Morley College, Waterloo, London
Taught by Alex Crowe

Skinner Releasing Technique (SRT) teaches the fundamental physical skills and awareness that underlie almost any style of movement and dance. Learning is through non-stylised, improvisatory movement, guided by carefully designed imagery and music, supplemented with hands-on partnerwork. Combining technique with creative process, and precision with playfulness, SRT can lead to deep neuro-muscular changes, yet is enjoyable and accessible to people of all levels of movement aptitude and experience.

This intensive course, covering the first five classes of the Introductory Pedagogy, offers an in-depth experience of this gentle but powerful approach to finding alignment, freedom and creativity in our movement.

Further information: aewcrowe@yahoo.co.uk

To enrol: contact Morley College on 020 7450 1889
or (in due course) at www.morleycollege.ac.uk
(Listed as “Creative Movement” , Course Code SCR01A,
in the Morley College Summer School prospectus)


Saturday 16 May 09, 3pm
Venue: Lighthouse, 28 Kensington Street, Brighton BN1 4AJ
Entry: FREE

An afternoon of discussion and presentation by award-winning filmmaker, choreographer, composer and author Billy Cowie. Lighthouse has recently commissioned Cowie to premiere his latest 3-D dance film, Ghosts in the Machine, in partnership with the newly curated Artist Open Houses’ HOUSE Festival.

On Saturday 16 May, Cowie will be discussing his impressive body of work in the area of screen dance and installation. He has made over twenty live performance pieces, in collaboration with Liz Aggiss for the company Divas Dance Theatre, and has completed five major screen projects for the BBC, Arts Council England and Channel 4.

Cowie’s previous screen-based installations, including In the Flesh and The Revery Alone, have received critical acclaim for their winning combination of impressive 3-D technology and highly original dance choreography and have been screened in galleries and venues all over the world.

http://www.lighthouse.org.uk/ whatson/artisttalk_billycowie. htm


This course prepares students for professional roles as creative producers in a wide variety of theatre and live performance events including outdoor performance and street arts.

Launched by Birkbeck in 2008, it involves extensive direct input from a wide range of professional practitioners (http://andrewmckinnon. typepad.com/andrew_mckinnon). It is operated in association with Theatre Royal Stratford East.
Applications for 2009-10 are welcome now.

http://www.bbk.ac.uk/study/pg/ theatrestudies/index.html
For applications received by Wednesday 27 May 2009 there will be a round of selection interviews on Saturday 20 June.

Inquiries to a.mckinnon@english.bbk.ac.uk


Face to Face: looking at and portraying disfigurement
Tues 19 May 2009, 6.30pm

What happens when a portrait painter and a sitter with a facial disfigurement come face to face? How can a portrait be used to engage the viewer and challenge social taboos? These are just a couple of of the questions which will be discussed by a distinguished panel including RP President Alastair Adams and Guardian art critic Jonathan Jones; chaired by National Portrait Gallery Director Sandy Nairne.

Sandy Nairne, Director of the National Portrait Gallery
Alastair Adams, President of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters
James Partridge, Founder and Chief Executive of Changing Faces
Jonathan Jones, Art Critic, The Guardian
Marc Crank, Chief Execuitve of Henshaws North West
and guest panellists and members of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters

Tickets £7 on the door (concessions £5). To reserve in advance - please call 020 7930 6844.

Mall Galleries
The Mall (near Trafalgar Square)
London, SW1



Effective Fundraising – Tues 9 June
Learn how to raise your organisation’s profile in order to attract funding. This course will concentrate on trusts, foundations, and statutory sources and it is ideal for those who are new to fundraising. It will lay the foundation for the ‘Creating successful grant applications’ course on 18 September.
Booking forms available from www.itc-arts.org, by email: training@itc-arts.org or by calling 020 7403 6698.

All courses are £100 for full ITC members, £160 non members and take place at ITC, 12 The Leathermarket, Weston Street, SE1 3ER from 10.00am–5.00pm.


Follow the Money is the latest event in our popular BAME diversity series, aimed at black or minority ethnic community musicians and music leaders, or those interested in issues facing such practitioners. You’ll have the opportunity to find out more about the range of funding streams available, quiz funders directly on what they look for and hear the secrets of successful money-raisers. Speakers from the main arts and non-arts funders and successful social entrepreneurs will give you key information and will answer your own personal questions.

For more information and to book, visit www.musicleader.net/ londonwhatson or call 020 7729 7228.


This festival of new dance and movement practice in the Midlands returns with master classes, 2 day and 1 day intensives, workshops, discussion and curated performance across the City of Coventry.

There will be a 2 week studio based residency for 3 dance makers, Making Space, which will precede the festival itself.

The graduate platform Moving Out will also return as part of the festival performance series.

The 2009 festival faculty currently includes Gill Clarke, Charlie Morrissey, Lucia Walker, Helen Poynor, Miranda Tufnell, Cecilia Macfarlane, Gaby Agis and Joe Moran

The whole festival costs £230 and flexible attendance is available. For more information, including how to book, please refer to the Summer Dancing website www.summerdancing.co.uk


Join artist and teacher Lee Campbell as she leads an afternoon workshop on drawing. She will demonstrate a variety of different drawing mediums and techniques. Emphasis is on active participation followed by reflection and group discussion. Price includes tuition and all materials plus a pencil case of goodies to take home.

No previous experience or art talent necessary!

Activities include drawing exercises designed specifically to: Improve visual memory, activate co-ordination skills, realise and consolidate ideas and balance left and right brain processes.

Lee Campbell is an accomplished artist and qualified teacher with over 20 years experience. Lee is a qualified Life Coach and she also has a BA in Fine Art, an MA in History of Art and a certificate in Adult Education.

In conjunction with ’Louise Nevelson: Dawns and Dusks’ exhibition.

Saturday 16thMay 2009, 2.00pm–5.00pm
£25(full)/ £18 (members and concessions)
Louise Blouin Foundation 3 Olaf Street, London W11 4BE info@ltbfoundation.org


Making it Happen - An Insight into Producing

Part of The Accidental Festival at The Roundhouse, Camden

Friday 22nd May at 7:00pm-8:30pm
FreeDM Studio | Discussion | £10/8

A talk with Helen Marriage, Director of live events production company Artichoke alongside David Jubb and David Micklem, co-Artistic Directors of the BAC. Chaired and hosted by Gavin Henderson, these successful practitioners will be discussing their work and their route into Producing and Artistic Direction. There will also be an opportunity for audience to ask questions.

To see the full festival programme visit www.accidentalfestival.com and to buy tickets visit www.roundhouse.org.uk or call 0844 482 8008


Part of The Accidental Festival at The Roundhouse, Camden

Sunday 24th May at 1:30pm-3:30pm

Clore studio | New Writing | £7/6 Concession

Don McCamphill, will be facilitating a two hour playwriting workshop for aspiring playwrights. He will lead writing exercises on the theme of connection and also will talk about developing 'connections' within the theatre industry. There will also be an opportunity for participants to share their work. Don will additionally talk about his own diverse writing career, in the form of a Q and A. The workshop is open to anyone with an interest in writing for theatre. Since the start of 2008 Don has worked at Soho Theatre in London developing the work of young playwrights and running Soho’s highly regarded writing programmes’.

View the full festival programme at www.accidentalfestival.com and book tickets at www.roundhouse.org.uk or call the box office on 0844 482 8008


Part of The Accidental Festival at The Roundhouse

Saturday 23rd May at 12:30pm-2:30pm
Clore studio £6/5 Concessions

Accidental Art is an experiment in which three actors, one director and a psychologist have been invited to collaborate over a consecutive period of twelve hours, during the festival. The actors and the director in collaboration with the psychologist will adopt methods used in drama therapy and use them as alternative tools to create a new piece of theatre, which they will present in the Clore Studio. There will be a discussion about the process after the performance, where audience questions and feedback will be welcomed.

The performance will be directed by Anouke Brook whose directing credits include: Torn [sell-out run, Arcola], Dover [Zeitgeist / King's Head] and co-direction of Broken Voices [Tristan Bates, 4 stars, Guardian].

To view the full programme visit www.accidentalfestival.com and to book tickets go to www.roundhouse.org.uk or call 0844 482 8008


Classes will be of interest to performers who want to refine there bodily skills and improve their own relationship to the self and the environment. Awareness Through Movement classes consist of comfortable, easy movements that gradually evolve into movements of greater range and complexity. Benefits are more and better ways of moving and expressing oneself, relief from tension and muscular pain, easier and fuller breathing and increased vitality.

Rainer is a certified Feldenkrais Practitioner and Teacher with a background in dance and performance. He has performed, choreographed and taught since 1996 in the UK, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands and South America. Rainer teaches Feldenkrais as well as improvisation in London and abroad.

Beginners welcome

Tuesdays 6.30pm - 7.45pm
Eastbourne House
Bullards Place
London E2 0PT (5min walk from Bethnal Green tube)
Info rainerknupp@hotmail.com


Tuesday 9 June 2009

Do you want to help run an arts centre, a theatre or a music venue?

Would you like to hear from professionals working in these roles?

Do you want information to give you an edge in this competitive field?

This course is designed to introduce career opportunities in a variety of fields within Arts Administration.

Hear from those working in the sector and take part in a group exercise which will provide a real insight into what the job involves.

Speakers attending include:

  • Sadler’s Wells
  • Benjamin Franklin Museum
  • Design Museum
  • Shape – disabled and deaf people and the arts – Tony Heaton, Chief Executive
  • British Council
  • Albany Theatre
  • Whitechapel Art Gallery

More to be announced!

Join us on Facebook, where you'll receive updates, can take part in discussions, ask us your questions and share the event with your friends: www.careers.lon.ac.uk/ facebook/arts

For more information/application form visit www.careers.lon.ac.uk/arts



The Accidental Festival 2009 takes place at the Roundhouse in Camden on 22-24 May.

This year at the Festival, as well as a veritable feast of eclectic and innovative performance and live art, there will be a myriad of workshops, lectures and networking opportunities for artists!

Included in the programme are: a Writers' workshop with Don McCamphill, a lecture and Q&A by Helen Marriage, David Jubb and David Micklem (on the subject of Producing and Artistic Directing), a panel discussion on Site-Specific performance, a performance/lecture and Q&A with Saviana Stanescu, Date to Collaborate - a networking event for writers and directors and a Q&A with New Writing companies, Box of Tricks and The Cock Tavern.

This living, breathing catalyst of a festival has something for everyone!

For more info and the full programme visit:

Tickets on sale now! www.roundhouse.org.uk 0844 482 8008


Come and join us to our Jam session on Sunday 17th May at Race and Rhythm Space, 2 Dartmouth Park Hill, Nw5 1HL
Tufnel Park Station

Full Program:


14.00-16.00 Flamenco Percussion workshop £12
16.00-17.30 Tango Lesson with Hiba and Rene £8


18.00 Dance Screening
18.30 Flamenco Performance With Concha Jareno and Tango Performance with Hiba and Rene
19.00 Music and Dance Jam leaded by Pablo Dominguez, Ruben Perez and Company
22.00 Close



for more information info@raceandrhythm.com www.raceandrhythm.com


Artangel have recently launched an innovative new website featuring extensive information about our projects and the artists we work with - see www.artangel.org.uk. We are looking for a website intern who is excited about new media and the possibilities of Web 2.0 in a contemporary art context.

This unpaid position will require being in the Artangel office three days per week for a period of three months. Activities would include preparing text, video, images and audio and then uploading it on our content management system, revising material already on the website, researching Artangel projects and Web 2.0 opportunities, assisting the Web Editor in managing current projects and helping to prepare analysis of website usage.

Deadline for applications: 2 June 2009

To apply please download an application pack from www.artangel.org.uk/about_us/ opportunities


We are looking for energetic volunteers to join our lively team to help produce another You and Your Work performance platform.

Taking place over the afternoon / evening of 6th June 09 at the Easton Community Centre in Bristol, YaYW6 will be a heady blend of exciting performance, live art, theatre and interventions from the most promising local and (inter)national emerging artists and companies.
We are looking for committed volunteers to fulfil a variety of roles;

Front of house and stewarding
Artist liaison
Technical assistants
Production assistants
Marketing and advertising assistants

If you have a skill we will find a role for you, with a small but dynamic team YaYW can offer you a great opportunity to gain invaluable hands on experience in all areas of producing a successful performance event.

Please email Jo and Sylvia at:

Further info: www.youandyourwork.blogspot. com


Free Word


£30,000 - £35,000pa

Free Word is a new centre for literature, literacy and free expression based in Clerkenwell. Opening in June ’09, it will host and present performances and events in its small auditorium, hire out meeting rooms and hot desks and provide serviced office accommodation for ten resident companies. Free Word will work with associates and partners nationally and internationally.

We are seeking a highly motivated individual with a minimum of 3 years experience in running an arts building at management level to join our small but dedicated team.

For job description and further information please contact Penny Mayes at penny@dramatic-solutions.co.uk

Closing date: 4.30pm Monday 1st June 2009

Interviews: Monday 8th June 2009

Free Word is funded by The Freedom of Speech Foundation UK and Arts Council, England and is committed to equality of opportunity.


London Bubble seek a Production Manager for their Fan Made Summer promenade production of 'The Odyssey'.

Full time and full on from 8th June to 26th July.

Contact peth@londonbubble.org.uk for further details.


DV8 Physical Theatre is looking for a full-time, friendly, highly efficient administrative assistant for general office duties. High IT literacy and communication skills are essential.
Duration of contract; immediate start till mid-December Salary £16,000 - £19,000 pro rata depending on experience.

Applications due 26 May 2009, interviews week commencing 1 June.
For more information on the post and how to apply:


The award winning Shobana Jeyasingh Dance Company has produced imaginative, innovative and critically acclaimed work for the last twenty years.

To find out more about the work of the company, visit www.shobanajeyasingh.co.uk.

The company is looking for technically strong, creative dancers with performing experience.

The audition will take place in London, Thursday 11th & Friday 12th June. The project will be rehearsed and performed in Autumn 2009 and will be premiered in London as part of Dance Umbrella.

Auditions are by invitation only.

To apply: please send your CV, a photograph and a video if you have one (link to youtube or dailymotion) to admin@shobanajeyasingh.co.uk.

Please put ‘AUDITION’ in the subject heading of your email.

Deadline for applications: 26th May 2009, 5pm.
Successful applicants will be required for either Thursday, June 11th or Friday, June 12th.

If you have not heard from us by 5th June, please assume your application has not been successful.


Deputy Director (Full-Time) – Maternity cover for 6 months with possible extension up to 12 months

£24,000 per annum, full time for 37.5 hours/week

New Work Network (NWN) supports the development of new performance, live and interdisciplinary arts practices by nurturing arts practitioners through the creation of innovative professional development activities that focus on networking, exchange and collaboration both across the UK and internationally.

The NWN Deputy Director works closely with the Director and Board of Trustees to ensure the effective operation and continued development of NWN.

NWN’s offices are based in East London at Toynbee Studios.

To request a full job description and application pack email info@newworknetwork.org.uk with ‘Deputy Director’ in the subject title or call 020 7539 9373

http://www.newworknetwork.org. uk

Closing date for applications 5pm on Friday 5th June 2009. Interviews will take place on June 23rd at Toynbee Studios, London E1 6AB.

NWN is committed to equality of opportunity in all recruitment procedures.


The Featherstonehaughs are looking for very interesting and exciting male performers for a Research and Development project this year that will eventually lead to the creation of new touring work and reconstruction of repertory for performance in 2010. The company seeks committed performers with at least 2 years professional experience.

Only highly self-motivated individuals with curiosity and passion, humour and patience need apply. You will need to know something about The Featherstonehaughs’ work and know why you want to be in this company.

For further details of this callout please go to www.thecholmondeleys.org/ current.php

Audition workshop week (London) 21/09/09 - 26/09/09

Please send a statement about yourself and any relevant experience and C.V. along with a photograph.

Please also send a short DVD or QuickTime file (no longer than 3 minutes) of yourself.

We need to receive your application by Friday June 26th 2009

Please send to:
Featherstonehaughs Application
The Cholmondeleys
LF1.1 Lafone House
The Leathermarket
London SE1 3HN


This is an opportunity for a recent graduate or postgraduate to gain valuable experience working as part of a gallery team. The internship is offered on a part-time basis for 6 months (two days per week). A bursary of £2,000 will be paid over the course of the internship, the equivalent of approximately £40 per day. Applicants should have a strong desire to learn and develop within a professional gallery environment and will be required to demonstrate knowledge of the visual arts and an aptitude for research, as well as good administrative, communication and organisational skills.

To apply, please complete the online pre-application and equal opportunities form at www.mattsgallery.org/jobs.php by Friday 29 May. Short-listed applicants will be notified by Friday 5 June and invited to submit more information. If you have not heard from us by that date, your application has not been successful on this occasion.


Cosmos is an innovative multimedia dance work for the environment, reconnecting art, spirituality and inner healing. After two successful introductory events, we're now planning two full performances on 30th and 31st July in central London.

We need a tenor soloist and a choir director. Funding is currently being sought. If you are a good sight singer, interested in spirtuality and like working in a team, Cosmos could be for you. Website www.cosmosdance.com
Contact: Artistic Director, Dominic White - dominic.white@cosmosdance.com CNWL Gallery
07/05/2009- 7/06/2009
Current exhibition

Dragan Nesic Drawings

Dragan Nešić

Dragan Nesic is international artist from Serbia who has participated in over 400 exhibitions and projects in Brasil,

Uruguay, USA, Spain, England, Canada, France, Holland, ltaly, Russia, Hungary, Argentina, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Chile, Ukraine, Belarus, Egypt, Indonesia and Yugoslavia.

He has also taken part in a number of art workshops.

He is the author of numerous exhibition and projects (international projects: "Leave your trace", "Religion and art",

"The School Is Over - Long Live the School", a homage to Ray Johnson, "

The line of Friendship", Bruno Pollaci, Rugero Maggi, "3+2" , Kum Nam Baik, Marcus Stephen).

Having recieved Schlossberg Scholarship in 2006, Dragan spent two months creating in Künstlerhaus Böblingen, Germany.

Currently curating Spirala gallery in Priboj Serbia.


Dragan Nesic (International artist from Serbia) in his studio


Alan Cristea Gallery

Joe Tilson and his Contemporaries
Joe Tilson Retrospective
22 April - 30 May
Alan Cristea Gallery is holding a major exhibition of Joe Tilson's printed works. The exhibition will see Tilson's ground breaking screenprints and collages from the sixties hang alongside his most recent etchings and aquatints, as well as unique works, revealing a continuum in the artists' preoccupations, inspirations, motifs and media that has spanned almost half a century of activity, between 1963 and 2009.

Joe Tilson / Stones of Venice, Pomegranate / 2008 / Aquatint, silkscreen and collage

Art First

Eileen Cooper RA
Dreams of Elsewhere
27th May - 25th June 2009

For this exhibition Eileen Cooper has just completed a stunning body of work, including major new canvases, gouache studies and an exquisite new set of hand-printed lino-cuts.

Dreams of Elsewhere refers to the imaginative life in the studio environment, with hints of the east as well as the architecture of our dream-life. The compassionate treatment of our inner lives, focusing on everyday events, now continues into exotic realms to which we would all like to be lifted, and we are indebted to Eileen for enticing us with these sublime works.

Eileen Cooper RA / Desire / 2008 / Oil on canvas


Isabel Rock
Ultimate Love Story
17 April - 16 May
BEARSPACE presents 'Ultimate Love Story', the first solo-exhibition by artist Isabel Rock. BEARSPACE will become the location for Rock's investigation of human behaviour through a series of works layering drawing, print, collage and other intriguing media. Isabel Rock states of her work 'I use distorted animals as a metaphor for human relationships to create a world inhabited by these lecherous slobbering beings, ever ready to consume.' This parallel world creates a space for Rock's creatures to interact with each other making nightmarish, surreal fairy tales for the viewer to observe.

Isabel Rock / Lord Foster / 2009 / Pen ink and collage on print

Connaught Brown

Shani Rhys James: Two Ateliers
24 April - 30 May
Connaught Brown presents its first solo exhibition of works by Shani Rhys James.
Her subject matter is consistent and familiar - self-portrait, domestic interior and still life, yet she creates an unusual paradox through her distinctive figurative realism which gives private subject matter very public exposure. Raw paint colours hint at the fragile skin which exists between concealment and exposure, and the often uncomfortable process of self discovery. Disturbing in their mesmeric directness, even at a distance, Rhys James's paintings are characterized by an unmistakable magnetism.

Shani Rhys James / Indian Yellow Flock / January 2009 / oil on linen

James Hyman Gallery

Laura Letinsky: Likeness
30 April - 30 May
Laura Letinsky is one of the most important North American artists working in photography today. Her elegiac photographs of detritus on a table-top are both elegantly prosaic and art historically resonant in their reference to Dutch vanitas still life painting of the Seventeenth Century.
These still lifes are both everyday and infused with significance. Lyrical and formal, the subjects are dissolved by light, often set off against white walls and table cloths.

Laura Letinsky / Hardly More Than Ever (115) / 2003 / Chromogenic Print

Other Exhibitions

Purdy Hicks
Barrie Cook
30 April - 23 May

Beaux Arts
Sandra Blow
29 April - 6 June

Paul Stolper
Grace O'Connor
8 May - 13 June

Sandra Blow / Outline / 2003 / Acrylic and collage on paper / Courtesy of Beaux Arts London

The Art Fund


Join The Art Fund and save 50% off entry to major exhibitions this summer, including Baroque at the V&A and Richard Long at Tate Britain.
Membership also includes free entry to 200 fee-charging museums and galleries nationwide, including several National Trust and English Heritage properties.
The Art Fund is an independent charity committed to saving art for everyone to enjoy. Thanks to our members we have saved more than 860,000 works of art for museums and galleries throughout the UK.
Visit www.artfund.org/join or call 0870 848 2003 quoting AA397 to join today and get three months' FREE membership when signing up with Direct Debit.